Lazy Smart and Successful

Lazy Smart and Successful

A Non-Obvious Productivity Guide to Getting the Right Things Done.

Get ready to say goodbye to procrastination and hello to achieving your dreams! “Lazy, Smart, and Successful” is a non-fiction self-help guide about YOU.

This book is not your typical self-help guide that follows one fictitious protagonist’s journey, but rather it puts real people like you at the center stage and empowers you to take control of your life.

About the Author

Ram Amancha

Rameshwar aka Ram, a seasoned IT professional with over two decades of experience, has established a remarkable reputation in technology and business. With a career spanning diverse geographies and industries, Ram has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled, high-quality results.

As a thought leader, Ram has cemented a legacy of mentorship, innovation, and leadership in the IT landscape.

Beyond technology, Ram is a motivational force, inspiring individuals to embrace a paradigm shift that leads to lasting success in both their professional and personal spheres.

Through “Lazy, Smart and Successful” Ram continues to impact lives, sparking a movement towards a more efficient, proactive, and fulfilling approach to work and life. With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for transformation, Ram invites readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment, guided by the principles outlined in this groundbreaking work.

Ram Amancha

What You Will Learn from this Book

Unique Perspective on Productivity

This book offers a different approach to productivity. Many productivity books emphasize hard work and constant effort, so a book that explores how being “lazy” in a clever and strategic way can lead to success might provide a refreshing and unconventional perspective on achieving goals.

Efficiency Over Effort

The book focuses on the concept of achieving more with less effort, highlighting strategies and techniques that help readers prioritize tasks, streamline processes, and make the most out of their time and energy.

Practical Strategies

This book is indeed a guide, readers will benefit from specific strategies and techniques it offers for improving productivity.

These strategies could range from time management and task prioritization to creative problem-solving and effective decision-making.

Balancing Work and Well-being

“lazy,” “smart,” and “successful” implies a balance between achievement and personal well-being. The book delves into the importance of not burning out, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and finding ways to succeed without sacrificing one’s mental and physical health.

What our reader saying

Reading ‘Lazy, Smart and Successful’ was a game-changer for me. The book offers a treasure trove of practical strategies that have transformed the way I manage my time and tasks. I’ve learned how to focus on what truly matters, streamline my processes, and achieve more while still having time for myself. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to break free from the cycle of burnout and embrace a more effective and balanced approach to success.

– Pradeep

Lazy, Smart, and Successful’ is a breath of fresh air in productivity literature. Through its insightful guidance and actionable advice, I’ve learned that productivity isn’t about putting in endless work hours but about making intentional choices and effectively leveraging my resources. This book is a gem for anyone seeking a holistic and fulfilling path to success.

– Anil

Lazy Smart and Successful


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