The Dreamer Procrastinators

The Dreamer Procrastinators: Definition, Identification, and Solutions.

In this article, we aim to explore who the dreamer procrastinators are, how to identify them, and what steps they can take to overcome their procrastination habits to start achieving their goals.

Procrastinating is a common human behavior that can become a chronic habit and lead to significant problems in our personal and professional lives. Dreamer procrastinators are one of the most common subgroups of procrastinators.

They dwell in the realm of what could be, yet procrastinate in bringing dreams to life. Time slips through their fingers as they navigate the delicate balance between envisioning greatness and taking the first step toward it.


Dreamer procrastinators are individuals with many hopes, wishes, and dreams, but struggle to make progress towards their goals. They may regularly set intentions, but they procrastinate in taking steps toward turning these ideas into reality.

Their procrastination can vary depending on the dream. For example, if they dream about traveling, they may waste time imagining themselves on the trip instead of planning the logistics and booking transportation.

Alternatively, if their goal is to learn a new skill, they may spend more time researching and daydreaming than actively practicing.


Here are some potential signs that someone may be a dreamer procrastinator

Time fantasy vs. reality

Dreamer procrastinators may overestimate how much time they have or how long certain tasks take, leading to severe underestimation.

Impulsive decision-making

Dreamer procrastinators may make impulsive decisions or take immediate action when feeling motivated or inspired. However, they may fail to follow up on these ideas after the initial excitement fades.

Mindless scrolling or internet searching

Dreamer procrastinators may use the internet as an escape to daydream about their dream, which can then lead to wasting time scrolling on social media.

Struggle with prioritization

They may struggle to prioritize their to-do list or goals and tend to do the easiest task instead of the most important one below their dream.

Feelings of overwhelm

Being not sure where to start or having too many tasks can lead to avoidant behavior, causing them to procrastinate in pursuit of their dream.


If someone recognizes as a dreamer procrastinator, they may struggle to overcome their procrastination habits. However, there are several tricks and strategies to help overcome their tendencies and start making progress.

Break it down

Dividing goals into smaller, more manageable tasks and a plan makes progress less intimidating and more approachable.

Create a deadline

Dreamer procrastinators benefit from setting realistic deadlines. Creating a schedule with corresponding actions and times lets them focus on a needed result, and reduces the time spent scrolling and mindlessly searching the web for inspiration.

Focus on One Thing

Dreamer procrastinators frequently become overwhelmed with goals and dreams, leading to decision paralysis. They tend to focus on multiple things at once, which reduces their efficiency. It is a better strategy to focus on one goal and take the necessary steps to achieve it; once completed, it promotes the positive energy to carry momentum into the next task.

Practice Disciplined Action

Dreamer procrastinators need to practice taking disciplined action each day. No matter how small the goal, taking action builds confidence and provides a sense of accomplishment that reinforces positive behavior.


Building proper peer-to-peer accountability and support on personal and professional levels helps track goals, progress, and maintain focus, keeping them committed to their goals.

Recognize and Address Fear

Dreamer procrastinators may fear failure, success, or both and tend to avoid taking action. Recognizing this behavior and acknowledging its root cause can help address fear and promote a more positive attitude towards progress.


Dreamer procrastinators may have substantial targets but often struggle to turn these ideas into progress. In this article, we have explored the definition of dreamer procrastination, how to identify dreamer procrastinators, and several strategies to help overcome procrastination. These tips include breaking goals down, creating deadlines, staying focused on one thing at a time, practicing disciplined action, creating accountability, and identifying fears to address them. The dreamer procrastinators can achieve their goals by implementing these strategies, breaking the procrastination cycle, and developing positive habits to progress towards their dreams.


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